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Clothing Order In!

The ATF clothing order has been submitted and is in!  Hopefully the items will be shipped to ATF within the next few weeks!  If you missed out, we can still order additional items, however the prices may be slightly adjusted to account for extra shipping charges ect, ect!

Great Job Everyone!

Around Tuitt Farm is so proud of all of our riders as they competed well in the 2011 show season!  We had such a great time this summer, and we can't wait to go back out next year and do it all again!  What a great family we have created!

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Show season update!

So far ATF has been having a pretty successful show season this summer!  Dawn and Mozy have qualified for several medal's finals on the LEHS circuit & C circuit, just baraly missing the blue ribbon at Hunter's Run for another final qualification.  The pair has also been very successful in many of their other divisions so far as well.  Kayleigh and Bopp have won the Mini Maclay again this year at Windsong, along with other classes giving them some blues as well!  TaLeekia and Ocean are really coming together this year, they too have qualified for a medals final with their winning effort at Windsong, TaLeekia and Ocean also won some blue at Hunter's Run where she laid down a very nice round!  England Bennett has been in the ribbons a lot this year as well, almost reaching that first place prize in many of her equitation and medals classes, keep working hard England!  Tiffany is finally back out for some shows, she took Macy to a show for the first time and survived, so Macy was very good for a first timer!  She also took No-Bell to Hunter's Run where they had several bright ribbons!

Welcome to the ATF Ellie & Emily!


We would like to welcome Emily & Ellie to ATF for the first time!  We hope you enjoy your stay :)

Welcome back Loghan!


 Welcome back for the summer Loghan & Alex! 

Welcome to the barn Pres & Kaitlin!


We hope you enjoy your stay at ATF! 

Congratulations to Dawn!


Congratulations to Dawn on the purchase of her new horse Mater!  Mater is a 2007 Holsteiner.

Meet Tripp!


It came to our attention that Tucker's little brother needed a new home where he can run and play, so we decided to give him that home!  Tripp is a 10 month old full brother to Tucker who has tons of personality and energy.  Although he is very nice, Tripp still needs a little work, but hopefully it wont be long before Tripp becomes a complete member of the ATF greeting and security department!